NGOF Counselor on Cay May Group Excursion for Street Children in Jan 2013

Some members of Cay Mai Group recently participated in project "A Brighter Future" training about CSA and NGO Fontana's counselor, Ms Tang Thanh Thao, have joining Cay Mai Group's event for disadvantage and street children in HCMC - an 1 day excursion for the children to visit the water park in HCMC. This activity of Cay Mai group aims to support and connect disadvantage and street children, help the children to understand about child right and give them opportunity to meet and participate entertainment and group activities which the disadvantage and street children are not favored as other children.

Picture1 Picture2 Picture3
Children really excited and enjoyed the excursion Group activities during excursion for the children Nearly 80 children joined the excursion in waterpark
Picture4 Picture5 Picture6
Half of the group at the start Here the volunteer team who are SWs, PEs, counselor and volunteers Here we are inside the waterpark
Picture7 Picture8 Picture9
 The Difference Let hurry, we want to go playing Ms Thao-NGOF Counselor with the children
Picture10 Picture11 Picture12
Ms Thao, NGOF counselor having lunch with children Queuing infront entrance before going into the waterpark Quick breakfast before we go and enjoy
Picture13 Picture14 Picture15
Raising awareness of children about child rights Waiting before get into the waterpark We are in Dam Sen waterpark
Picture16 Picture17
We love the trip A volunteer giving guidance to the children before going inside the park

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